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Dog Tug Toys

dog tug toy

Dog tug toys are similar to the dog rope toys, except it cannot be played alone by the dog itself.


They are also made of cotton or nylon materials, but are in the shape of a number “8” for easy tug of war.


Dog tug toy is a good interactive toy for building the rapport between dog and dog owner. It can also be used as a dog training tool to build dog’s strength and confidence.

Types of Dog Tug Toys:

Dog Rope Toys

Mega Twister Heavy Rope Knot Ball

This dog rope toy is made from heavy twisted or braided ropes, which offer extra strength and super durability.


Dog Stick Toys

Rubber Stick Dog Toy

Rubber Stick is great to chew and fun to chase.

Kong Wubba Toys

Kong Wubba Toy Puppy Wubba