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Did you know about dog and dog toys?


1. 68% of pet owners consider pets as members of the family.
29% of people admitting they sing to their pet and 27% celebrating pets' birthdays with a party.

2. 54% of dog owners, 41% of cat owners, 25% of bird owners and 23% of small animal owners will purchase holiday gifts for their pets.

3. Nearly 50% of people use baby talk with pets, and 28% even talk to their pets on the phone or answering machine.

4. Almost 80% of people allow pets to sleep with them, while 37% carry pictures of pets in their wallets.

5. Most of the pet owners have dogs (71%), and more than half have cats (54%), with fish, birds, donkeys, reptiles and hamsters following behind.

6. People are more and more go e-shopping their dog toys. The online eshopping trend is only getting trendy with more fashion brand joining the dog toys world.