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6 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Dog Toys


1. Select Materials

The general rule of thumb for dog toys materials is as convenient as possible. Look around your house, pick the material that is readily available to start with. For example, you can use linen, towel, balls, boxes, and even cardboard etc.

2. Safety is No.1

Make sure you only choose the right materials. Stay away from any toxic material. Do not use any fabric or clothing with bad smell.

3. Select a dog toys to make

Check our Most Popular Dog Toys section, and decide which type of dog toy you would like to DIY.


4. Start DIY

Depending on type of dog toy you are chosen, start to work on your DIY project. Some project may only need your handwork, some you may need the sewing machine or needles. Just pick whatever is your best.

5. Testing run

Give your new toy for a little test run. Watch how your dog play with them, and do any fix or update as you wish.

6. Have fun

Time it's time to play and have fun.