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Types of DIY Dog Toys You Can Make




DIY Dog Rope Toys

DIY rope toys is perhaps the easiest toy to make. You can simply get a used towel, tied it into knotted rope.

• DIY Dog Fleece Toys

Find some fleece material, knot them together. Then braid to the end, and tied into a know. Here you have a nice and cheap fleece braided dog toy.

• DIY Dog Tug Toys

You can use towel, or other similar fabric and tied both ends with knots.

• DIY Dog Plush toys

If you have a knack for sewing, you can try to make a plush toy for your dog. However, the best method is to get a used plush stuffed toy, and strength it with strong fabric.

• DIY Treat Dispensing Toys

You can use boxes, containers, bottles, or anything that can hide the treat around your home to make a nice treat dispensing toy for your dog.

• DIY Squeaky Toys

Buy or recycle a squeak from your old toy, stuff it inside a sock or fabric. Sew the sock or fabric really tight. Here you have a dog squeaky toy.