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Dog Bone Toys

dog bone toys

Chewing bone is not only an irresistible habit for the dog, but also a very important way to keep them healthy.

For puppy dogs, chewing bone helps them to relieve the symptom during the teething period.

For grown-up dogs, chewing bone can exercise their jaws, help getting the plaque off their teeth, as well as massaging their gums and keep the teeth healthy.


There are two types of dog bone toys: the real bone and the toy bone:

The real bone can provide the dog with some kind of bone taste and calcium necessary to their body. But they are not lasting, and can go rotten for health reason.   

Green Cow Rawhide Dog Bones, Natural Chips


The bone toy is a good alternative. Not only can you choose from a large variety of dog bone toys that is differ in styles and colors, you can also find bone toys that comes with different flavors that dog will love nowadays. Some bone toys even can make sound while chewing, adding more fun for the dog. 

So regardless whether your dog is alone at home or hang out with you, get him/her a dog bone toy. 

dog bone toys

Kong Goodie Bone Dog Toy