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Dog Frisbee Toys

Dog Frisbee toy, or Dog Discs toy is a flying disc which can be thrown a long way and fetch by the dog.

It is a great outdoor dog toy suitable for larger or active dogs. Meanwhile, it is also a good interactive dog toy between the dog and the dog owner.


The benefit for the Frisbee dog toy is obvious: 

For dog breed with active nature, it offers a lot of fun between chasing and fetching the toys. It can also help those energetic dogs to burn some extra energy during the play. 

KONG Extreme Flyer Dog Toy, Black

For inactive dog breed, it encourages more exercise and improves their overall health. 
dog frisbee toy

You can get the Frisbee Dog Toys made of following materials: 
Nylon Frisbee toys 
Plastic Frisbee toys 
Foldable Frisbee toys 
Polyester Frisbee toys 

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring

However, the bottom-line for choosing a quality Frisbee dog toy is that they should be mouth friendly (meaning easy to bite for the dog), and bite durable (meaning stand for the bite strength of the dog).