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Dog Kong Toys

Kong or KONG is a widely popular dog toy invented by an American entrepreneur back in 1976.

The traditional shape of the Kong is three balls stacked together to form a shape of gourd.

The material made of Kong are typically rubber, comes in four basic colors:

  • red for average chewers
  • purples for old dogs
  • black for touch chewers
  • pink or blue for puppies


Kong is designed to withstand a lot of chewing and can last for a very long time.

Since the Kong has a hollow body, it can be filled with dog food or dog treats. The dog can be occupied for hours while trying to get the food or treats out of the Kong.

The Kong toy explores the dog’s food-hunting nature to its fullest extent, as well as keep their jaw exercised and teeth cleaned during the whole play time. It was also one of the favorite toys for dog training.