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Dog Puzzle Toys

dog puzzle toy

Puzzle dog toys are specially designed dog toys that can hide the treats inside the toys for dog to explore. It can stimulate dog's mind by exploring the use of their paws, noses and minds.


Dog puzzle dog is great for inquisitive dogs to have fun and find the hidden treats at the same time.

There are many design and style of dog puzzle toys. Dog owner should watch for the reaction from dog to different difficulty level of the puzzle toy. The goal is not to frustrate the dog with very difficult puzzle, but also intrigue the dog with some level of sophistication.

In the end, a good dog puzzle toy can offer great interactive fun for dog and the dog owner alike.
dog puzzle toy

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Dog Puzzle Game

  • New improved version offers even more challenge
  • Made from wood, not plastic
  • Provides mental stimulation for your dog
  • Satisfies the hunter instinct in all dogs