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Interactive Dog Toys

interactive dog toy

For obvious reasons, dogs like to play with other dogs, as well as interacting with humans.

The fun of the interactive dog toys surely rest on the involvement of the dog owners and the dogs.

Trusting relationship can be built through the process of the interactive game It is imperative for dog owners to spend some time to play with their dog, at least once a week.

With canine obesity becomes an increasingly hot topic, interactive dog toys that can keep dog moving will benefit both dogs and dog owners.

Types of Interactive Dog Toys:

Dog Tug Toys
Dog Fetch Toys
Dog Ball Toys
Dog Frisbee Toys
Dog Puzzle Toys

The Amazing Treat Machine Interactive Dog Toy

  • Exciting, innovative dog toy rewards your pet with tasty treats
  • Made of high-quality, 100-percent recyclable cardboard with no toxic chemicals or inks
  • Hours of fun for all dogs
  • Assembles easily without glue or tape
  • Made in California; tennis ball, treats, and plastic bottle not included

Kyjen IntelliBone Puzzle Plush Interactive Dog Toy

  • Keeps pets occupied
  • Eliminates boredom
  • Sharpens dogs cognitive skills
  • Durable design and craftsmanship
  • Hours of fun

Kyjen Puzzle Plush Dog Toys

  • Durable design and craftsmanship ensures long lasting puzzle solving fun
  • Keeps pets occupied
  • Eliminate boredom
  • Interactive toy
  • Puzzle for pets